Corporate Park

Coral Springs Corporate Park


The Characteristics of the Industrial Land Uses:

  1. Contribute to the economic growth and self-sufficiency of the City;
  2. Be located so as not to disturb residential areas;
  3. Promote corporate and business park development geared to employment;
  4. Generate light industrial, office research and development, and complementary commercial uses;
  5. Be located with convenient access to major transportation facilities;
  6. Provide adequate parking and loading areas; and
  7. Provide other needed commercial services for the Corporate Park employees.

We encourage the development and redevelopment that include a diversity uses, architectural style, landscaping and other amenities that will keep the Corporate Park competitive with other corporate parks in the State of Florida.

Our Goal:

The goal of the 442-acre Coral Springs Corporate Park is to provide a single, unified area for an industrial center that expands and intensifies the economic base of the City and to generate local employment.