Corporate Park

Coral Springs Corporate Park
Land Development Code

The City of Coral Springs maintains the following land development regulations for the industrial land uses in the Coral Springs Corporate Park: 

Industrial Research and Development (IRD) District

The IRD District is intended to provide lands for the purpose of business and industry. Permitted uses are intended to include those businesses and industries primarily involved in the distribution of goods and services outside of the vicinity of the City of Coral Springs. The nature of uses shall include the research, development and manufacture of products making use of processes of manufacturing that are compatible with adjacent residential and nonresidential uses. The development standards of this district are intended to result in an efficient and attractive appearance through various site design standards.

Industrial Commercial (IC) Zoning District

The Industrial Commerce (IC) District is intended to apply to areas located near the IRD District, on or within several hundred feet of a major arterial and to provide for the industrial commerce needs of the area within and in the vicinity of the City of Coral Springs.