Live & Play

Quality of Life

Better than Ever

Coral Springs is the premier community in which to live, work and raise a family. The City of Coral Springs is well known as one of the most successfully planned suburban communities in the country. In 1963, Coral Springs was incorporated and the diversity, character and quality of our community attributes including schools, parks, economic development and fiscal integrity, are enviable. With its excellence schools and youth sports, Coral Springs is among the best U.S. cities for children, family, and entrepreneurs.



Families were drawn to the City because of its quality of life. City's quality of life defines hometown feel our community.  City has one of the safest crime ratings in the state, grade A+ Schools, and a dedication to arts and cultures.  City capitalizes the strength in the diversity, and embrace all with its inclusive, welcoming nature.  With some of the best facilities in the nation, the City hosts many athletic tournaments year-round. Olympians train at the City's renowned Aquatic Complex, also home to national and international swimming and diving meets. The Tennis Center of Coral Springs features 12 Har-Tru courts and offers training programs for all ages. The Gymnasium keeps busy with gymnastics, cheerleading, netball and wrestling tournaments, and the City's 48 well-maintained parks support the community's obsession with soccer, baseball and lacrosse. Fifty years later, it's clear to see the City has a lot to cheer about.

Thriving Businesses

The Economic Development Office encourages and provides support to businesses, including services for redevelopment, relocation, and expansion and retention of existing businesses. The City maintains high bond ratings such as Moody's Aa1, Fitch AAA, S&P AAA, and local businesses rate that the City's overall image at 96%. The Community is a short drive from all major seaports, airports, and highways, and the gateway to Latin America. Our young and highly educated workforce continue to grow, taking advantage of a convenient downtown Broward College academic center.

When the City of Coral Springs began to shape more than 50 years ago, planners had "fun" in mind. They wanted to make Coral Springs a community that families would flock to. With this in mind, they included plenty of amenities and conveniences, with its residential subdivisions surrounded by shopping areas and more than 750 acres of parks and open spaces.

Companies move and expand to Coral Springs because they know that employees and their families will enjoy a great quality of life. In 2014, businesses rated the City’s quality of life  at 97% (Business Survey 2014).

Active and Healthy

Amateur sports are natural for Coral Springs as there is already significant, proven appeal. Our goal is to influence the support and environment that promotes active, healthy and enriched lifestyle for residents of all ages within the City. By focusing on leisure, cultural, recreational, and sporting activities and festivals, the City is able to infuse event dollars into the local economy.


Innovative Government

The City is committed to ethical governance, adherence to its core values, transparency, innovation, collaboration, and exceeding customer expectations by delivering high-quality programs and services that meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community. We strive to bring economic development within the City government through the Economic Development Office.


Attractive Aesthetics

The City takes proactive measure to preserve and enhance the community's appearance and to maintain its vital infrastructure.  The City leads by example in the stewardship and conservation of natural resources.  Moreover, the city cultivate arts to help attract visitors and to support economic growth and opportunities for entrepreneurs. As the City keeps up its community's aesthetics, property values remains high.