Major Industries

Financial and Professional Services

Coral Springs' diversified economic structure has enabled it to be a global player in the provision of high value-added services in finance, insurance, architecture, accounting, consulting, engineering, and more. Coral Springs' proximity to and cultural connections with Latin America have also helped make Florida an international banking center with booming international trade, and leading location for shared services. Coral Springs is home to many financial and professional services firms and their employees.

Financial Services

Coral Springs excels in finance – as evidenced by the presence of a numerous commercial banks and a growing private equity cluster.  Our attractive tax structure and skilled workforce are just two reasons behind Coral Springs' string of recent financial services announcements.

Professional Services

Coral Springs' professional services establishments span the state and include major players in legal services, accounting, consulting, architecture, engineering, R&D and related fields.  There are approximately 314 business establishments in the Professional Services in Coral Springs, not including law firms and physician practices.  Establishments in this sector have shown growth across the board and they cluster around Coral Springs major intersections as well as in the Corporate Park.