Strategic Advantages

Human Capital


The median age is 36, which is much younger than the State and the U.S. numbers. From the 124,282 total populations, 70,007 are in the workforce. In a few years the 20.4% of children under the age of 14 living and attending great schools in Coral Springs are going to be the next generation of well-educated workforce.



Much credit for the excellent skills of the Coral Springs workforce can be given to the excellent educational institutions from K-12 to college. The exceptional education reflects in Coral Springs being a high income and low unemployment city and it significantly outperforms Florida and the U.S. with 37% of its adult population holding college or graduate degrees. With a variety of degree programs being offered in the nearby universities and with more qualified residents than the current companies in the city can fill jobs; we have the depth and breadth to fill a range of positions.


A slim majority of the population is white 52.6% but the ethnic minorities - Black, Asian and Hispanic – are each outpacing the growth of its white population. In addition, 34% of the population in Coral Springs speaks a language other than English at home, which demonstrates that the professionals in the city are more culturally and linguistically diverse, providing additional competitive advantages to employers in the global marketplace.