The Business Excellence Award was created to honor the excellence and success of the Coral Springs businesses that have contributed to the economic vitality of the City and to formally recognize their hard work.

Note: This recognition is characterized as symbolic in nature and carries it with no encumbrances or promises of special consideration in other business dealing with the City of Coral Springs, but should be regarded as a special honor of gratitude on the part of the City and the citizens of Coral Springs.


Anyone is eligible to make a nomination including business owners, employees, and citizens. To nominate a business, an online form must be completed and submitted to the Economic Development Office.


The nominated business must be located within the municipal boundaries of the City of Coral Springs, meet the award criteria and rules, be a registered business with the City, and have no outstanding taxes or license fees due to the City.


The Contest begins on 10/21/19 and ends on 12/2/19 at 5 PM ET.


No purchase is necessary to participate in the Business Excellence Award Contest. The Contest is comprised of three (3) phases and Entrants will be required to submit the reasons why the nominated business deserves to be the “2020 Business Excellence Award” Winner. Contest judging will be by a panel of qualified judges (the Economic Development Advisory Committee).

  1. Phase I: How to Nominate for Submission:
    To Nominate:
    Those wishing to nominate a business should go to CoralSpringsEDO.com during the Contest Period and follow the instructions to submit a nomination to the Economic Development Office. The individual nominating the business will be asked to briefly detail the reasons the business they have nominated should win.Nomination Limit: Multiple nominations for individual business will be accepted and taken into considerations during judging. However, an individual may submit only one (1) Submission per business during the Contest Period. Submission Review: Each submitted nomination will be reviewed by the Contest Judge (the Economic Development Advisory Committee) to make sure all requirements are met. If a submission does not meet all the requirements, the Economic Development Office will contact the nominator in an attempt to fix any issues. Submissions that do not adhere to the requirements or are deemed inappropriate may be disqualified or removed from the Contest.
  2. Phase II: Selection of Finalist(s) / Winner(s):
    On 1/7/2020, a panel of Contest Judges will judge and rate all eligible Submissions in accordance with the criteria as stated below. The nominated businesses whose Submission received the highest rating from the Contest Judges will be deemed to be the winner. All decisions are final.
  3. Phase III: Announcement of Winner(s):
    In January 2020, Businesses and individuals who are selected will receive a Business Excellence Award Plaque and will be formally presented by the Mayor at a regularly scheduled Coral Springs City Commission meeting. Additionally, the winner(s) will receive acknowledgment in City’s publications, social media, and website.


  • Innovative business (e.g. creative ideas, unique services, product or company)
  • Creation of new full-time and/or part-time jobs
  • Proven longevity and history of doing business in Coral Springs
  • Significant business growth over the prior year/ Proven tax generator
  • Exceptional customer service and/or quality of product as indicated by their customers
  • Active involvement in the community and/or business association (examples include school mentoring programs, employee volunteerism, job/skills training programs, a local charity, etc.)
  • Significant renovation or improvements to existing structures (example include construction of new permanent buildings, highlighting quality office and retail space)
  • Dedication to environmental/green business practices
  • Rookie of the Year – Top-performing business in the first year of business
  • Past winners must wait three years before becoming eligible for the Contest