Effective at 12:01 a.m. Friday, October 2, 2020, Broward County Emergency Order 20-27 went into effect, clarifying details related to previous orders.

Requirements for Establishments that Serve Food and/or Alcohol

  • On-site consumption is still prohibited between 11 PM and 5 AM
  • Establishments licensed to serve food may operate at up to 100% of indoor capacity if they have a food service license; however, tables must be placed at 6-foot distance from one another.
  • Bar counters are open to seating by public, but 6-foot social distancing must be maintained between parties. Plexiglass partitions are required between patrons seated at a counter and staff working on the other side.
  • Establishments that only serve alcohol (that are not licensed to serve food) must operate at no more than 50% of the establishment’s indoor capacity.
  • Consumption and beverages may only be at the patron’s assigned seat or (if needed to meet capacity) standing table.
  • Child gaming and play spaces must remain closed
  • Adult games, including darts, arcade games, billiards, etc. may be open. Food and drinks must be consumed only when the patron is at their assigned table. Patrons must not consume food or beverages while playing games and must wear a facial covering.

Face Covering Requirements

Facial coverings must be worn by all persons in Broward County, EXCEPT:

  • Children under 2
  • Children in licensed childcare facilities
  • Eating, drinking, or receiving a facial grooming
  • A person with a disability
  • Public health and safety, fire, and other life safety personnel while on duty and in accordance with agency policy
  • People actively engaged in exercise
  • People who are physically in water and swimming
  • People who can: (1) constantly maintain 6 feet of social distancing from people of another household, (2) the only person in a room, provided it is not a common area. If another person is within 6 feet, they must put on a facial covering. This exception does not apply to retail, restaurant, food service establishments, night clubs, bars, personal services establishments, amusement facility, gym, or fitness centers.
  • Residents in their own home, but visitors must wear in a person’s home if 6-foot distancing cannot be kept

The Emergency Order 20-27 also allows:

  • Community Rooms, Fitness Centers, and Gyms in Housing Developments as well as hot tubs saunas, and steam rooms to open
  • Playgrounds may be open as deemed appropriate by the respective government agency that owns the park. Coral Springs is opening playgrounds at our city parks effective October 2, 2020. Our parks staff have 38 playgrounds to safely reopen, we appreciate the patience of our residents as it may take more than 24 hours.
  • Parks may have public or private events that comply with Attachment 20. Outdoor events that exceed 100 people require an approved operational plan. Indoor events that exceed 100 people are prohibited.

For all the details included in the order, please review the Emergency Order 20-27 in its entirely.

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