Adopted by Resolution 2015-030, the advisory committee will provide expertise, support and strategic recommendations to the City Commission and the Economic Development Office regarding economic development in the City and the economic development plan.

Term Length

Five members shall be appointed with two-year terms, and

Four members shall be appointed with three-year terms.

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Committee has the power to advise, support, and/or make recommendations on:

  • Marketing strategies in relation to business and economic development.
  • Improving the economic well-being of the City of Coral Springs through efforts that create jobs, retain jobs, increase the tax base, and enhance the quality of life, including efforts to revitalize, retain, and recruit high quality businesses; and to revive, develop, and support existing business areas.
  • New development and redevelopment projects that require Commission approval.
  • Development, implementation, and updating of the City’s economic development plan and strategy, and provide feedback to the City in its efforts to implement the economic development plan and strategy.
  • Expanding and diversifying the economic base of the City.
  • Various economic development programs, initiatives, and activities as may be pursued by the City or other such things that may be deemed appropriate by the City Commission.

Committee Composition

The Committee consists of nine (9) members, with the following composition:

  • A business owner that employs 20 or less employees who lives in Coral Springs or who owns a business in Coral Springs.
  • A business owner or executive level manager of a business, that employs 21 or more employees, that lives in Coral Springs or who owns or works for a business in Coral Springs.
  • A commercial real estate broker.
  • A representative from the life sciences or pharmaceutical industry.
  • A representative from the logistics or distribution industry.
  • A representative from the business services industry.
  • A representative from the retail industry.
  • A representative from the emerging technology industry.
  • A representative from the entertainment or sports industry.