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Featured Property

Coral Springs Commerce Center I and II

Exeter Property Groups’ new industrial projects in Coral Springs.
These properties are for lease. For more information, please contact:

Nick Sands
Leasing and Acquisitions-FL Exeter Property Group
Mobile: 407.952.2266

Business Hurricane Information

Our business hotline (954) 344-5772 is now operational. Businesses that offer vital pre-storm supplies are encouraged to call and provide information about available resources: gas, water, non-perishable food. Click for list of business.

Businesses that are closing or changing operational hours are asked to call the hotline.

How can we help?

Kristi Bartlett

Director of Economic Development
City of Coral Springs

Annie Norris

Senior Economic Development Analyst
City of Coral Springs

The City of Coral Springs is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its residents and visitors. As Broward County moves begins to reopen businesses, we want to ensure our local business community has the information, tools and resources to reopen safely. Share your feedback with us.


Download Required County Signage: All businesses must post signage with social distancing & facial covering information in a minimum of three languages.
Retail Businesses: English | Spanish | Creole
Restaurants: English | Spanish | Creole

Request a business safety kit: The City of Coral Springs partnered with Broward Health Coral Springs and the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce to provide packages containing face coverings, hand sanitizer and a guide to safely reopen business in the city. To request a package for your Coral Springs business, please complete this form.

Download Employee Health & Safety Guidelines: We encourage you to adhere to applicable CDC guidelines and follow county and state emergency orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Generic | Gyms & Fitness Centers | Restaurants

Learn More About Testing: The city, in partnership with the United Clinical Laboratory, is providing PCR testing for employees of local businesses every Monday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Located at Sportsplex Drive, testing is offered to Coral Springs based business employees and family members if the employee tests positive, with results being provided in a 24-hour turnaround time. Learn more.

Download Posters: Face Coverings Required | Do Not Throw Gloves on Floor | Social Distancing

Connect with Us: The Economic Development Office is devoted to providing local businesses with resources and assistance to get through this crisis. Contact the Business Hotline, 954-344-5772. Sign up to receive business updates to your inbox. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


As the City of Coral Springs works with businesses and employees to reopen, you should follow specific procedures including proper hygiene, health screenings, use of protective equipment and safe social distancing. Bars, nightclubs, movie theaters and large/sporting events remain closed.

Restaurants and food establishments are permitted to operate at 50% occupancy indoors. Seating indoors and outdoors must be spaced 6-feet apart. Restaurants should provide disposable or digital menus, that are sanitized after each use. Buffets and bars remain closed. Employees must wear face coverings and masks. Food preparers are encouraged to wear gloves. The City of Coral Springs has provided additional options for restaurants operating in the city, click here to view

Professional business services, at 50% capacity, safe distancing for employees in workstations and proper sanitation. Employees must wear face coverings or masks in common areas. This includes hair & nail salons, dog groomers, massage and tattoo parlors.

Retail businesses are permitted to open at 50% capacity. Stores should establish one-way aisles and traffic patterns for social distancing and not allow self-serve products, like perfume testers, to limit customer contact with retail products before purchasing. Employees and customers must wear face coverings or masks.

Personal services, which include nail and hair salons, are permitted to operate by appointment only with 15 minutes in between clients to allow for proper sanitation. Employees and customers must wear face coverings or masks.

Gyms and Fitness Centers are permitted to operate at 50% occupancy. Patrons entering the facility must have their temperature checked. Social distancing markers should be placed in front of the reception desk and all other appropriate areas. Equipment stations must be appropriately distanced. The City of Coral Springs has provided safety guidelines, click here to view.

*Building Department and Fire Department Officials may assist local business in determining 50% capacity, call 954-346-1266 for assistance.


How can we help?

Kristi Bartlett

Director of Economic Development
City of Coral Springs

Annie Norris

Senior Economic Development Analyst
City of Coral Springs